Landlord-Tenant Law

The attorneys at Durbin Law possess a breadth of knowledge in New Hampshire Landlord-Tenant Law, particularly RSAs 205-A, RSA 540, RSA 540-A, and RSA 540-B. Landlord-Tenant law in New Hampshire is comprised of a mix of statutory and common law which is wrought with pitfalls for those who do not routinely practice or work within this area. It is surprisingly complex and the interpretation and application of the laws can vary depending on the judge and court with jurisdiction.

At Durbin Law, we counsel and represent clients in a variety of residential and commercial matters, including but not limited to:

  • Leasing
  • Property Management
  • Evictions
  • RSA 540-A:4 Petitions
  • Violations of RSA 48-A
  • Violations of the NH Consumer Protection Act
  • The establishment and management of Real Estate Holding Companies